Back to Basics

I remember the line from You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan says that she likes to start emails as if she was in the middle of a conversation already, and I think that’s what I just did. She also talk about a bouquet of sharpened pencils and the smell of fall and I was going to mention going back to school, so even though I didn’t intend to include Nora Ephron in this post, I guess she kind of snuck in.

I do love Minneapolis in the fall — the summer days’s heat begins to fade into the just-right warmth of fall. Last week I started both my Bible study at church and my second fall semester of grad school, and am starting back in the swing of things. It feels good to sit out on the back deck with my homework or Bible study workbook and read by myself. I could do it for hours, if my toddler would nap for that long.

Routine is nice, and I’m hoping that the change in weather and the commencement of weekly commitments will bring it. The beginning of fall feels like the final plateau of a roller coaster and, if I’m lucky, the seatbelt will unbuckle and I can get off and start real life again. I’m eager. Blogging, I hope, might become part of the routine. It’s on my list, at least. As a new stay-at-home-mom, I’m just starting to learn how to manage my time when I am the one in charge, and a list of weekly goals is part of my plan.

This blog will likely be a menagerie of collectibles straight from the brain of a muddled young mom/grad student, which means that topics could vary widely. But there is a very good chance that they will pertain to one of these topics, in no particular order:

  • Grad School
  • Theology
  • Literature
  • Home Life

I’d love for you to read along with me as I meander along in this Unhurried Chase.


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