I’ve never been a goal-setter, I think because I’m terrified of failure. Whoever knows that I want something will also know that I failed.

With this blog, I my goal was to develop my writing skills and write substantive posts that would be encouraging and stimulating. What I didn’t take into account (at least, not as much as I should have) is that I’m a grad student with an 18-month-old at home, and that writing pieces like that means that I first have to be able to sit down and think — like, in a quiet setting, when I don’t have a toddler on my lap, without falling asleep. Ha! As if. I don’t know how people with more than one child manage to blog.

photo-1473447547337-5770a453122d{snapshot of my life: Today I spent over an hour hiding in my kitchen literally watching the bread rise just to have some alone time. My toddler had finally decided that she actually has some fun toys that aren’t a group project. I probably could have written or at least thought then, except I was too busy drinking my second cup of coffee and watching Star Trek while I washed the dishes and looked for things to cook with barley.}

Writing is a weekly goal of mine, and so, while I want to be able to create content that’s valuable and not just entertaining, I’m realizing that my goal needs to shift a little. I need to write, but it might need to be a little more “thoughts at the end of the day” and a little less “profundity risen like yeast over hours of reflection.”

But, since no one reads this blog, I’m sure no one’s disappointed.


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