Exhaustion, Travel, Aquinas

Have you ever taken a toddler on a trip in a different time zone by yourself? Have you ever done it three days after spending a weekend away — the same weekend where there is a death in the family? Have you ever done it mid-semester after a summer of illness and loss?

I have. I think that experience is the word “EXHAUSTION” incarnate.

Aquinas has been overwhelming but good in this chaotic week. Reading his thoughts on providence, election, and the sovereignty of God over his creation is a comfort, particularly in times of discouragement and loss:

“He wills the presence of a greater good more than He wills the absence of a lesser evil…So in order that certain greater goods may be had, He permits certain persons to fall…” (De veritate, Q5, A5)

“Even though it may seem to us that all things happen equally to the good and to the evil since we are ignorant of the reasons for God’s providence in allotting these things, there is no doubt that in all these good and evil things happening…there is operative a well worked out plan by which God’s providence directs all things. It is because we do not know His reasons that we think many things happen without order or plan.” (De veritate, Q5, A5)


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