Things No One Told Me

As I have grown up into adulthood, it has come to my attention that I don’t know everything. Not only that, but there are things that wise people around me know that I don’t. I lack knowledge in almost every area, from simple tips on buying clothes that fit well, look good, and don’t break my budget, to more serious things like the assumption that if the pregnancy test comes back positive you will necessarily find a happy baby in your arms at the end of your pregnancy.

I have found myself shaking my head many times in the last several years, thinking “how did I not know life could be like this? Why didn’t anyone tell me?” In many cases, I think, I am the one to blame for my lack of awareness — either by not listening when someone tried to warn me, or by simply not caring enough to be curious. I know I didn’t listen to half of the wisdom my parents tried to pass on when I was a teenager just because they are my parents. But in some cases, there are real obstacles to our having important knowledge in our hands, often because of cultural norms and taboos.

I assume that I will continue to have these I-Wish-Someone-Had-Told-Me moments for the rest of my adult life. So, in light of these new discoveries, both joyful and pain-filled, I decided to start a series on this blog. It will be ongoing and sporadic. When I learn new things that I wish someone would have told me, I will pass them on here for your benefit.

I’d love to hear from you! Have you learned anything recently that you wish someone would have told you years ago?



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