Extra-Curricular Learning

As some may know, I’m currently working on an MA in Catholic Studies. Yes, I’m a Protestant. Not Roman Catholic. I was the only non-Catholic in the program for more than a year. It has been really good, and difficult at points. And it has made me profoundly grateful for the Reformation.

In undergrad, I took a class entitled Renaissance & Reformation that was really helpful. But now, quite a number of years later, I’ve been really feeling an itch to learn about the Reformation in more depth.

I’ve talked before about my love for podcasts (I think), but something I haven’t mentioned before is iTunes U. Have you heard of it? I’ve used it several times, for a class on Irish history before my trip to Ireland, and for a medieval church history when I was struggling with some of the Catholic portrayals of history I encountered during my first semester in grad school.

I’ve particularly enjoyed these two classes that I’ve listened in on from Carl Trueman, faculty at Westminster Theological Seminary.

[Sidenote: My one complaint is the sound quality is not always top notch (and is sometimes really bad). I struggled more with it in The Medieval Church, but it has not been an issue so far in the four lectures on The Reformation that i’ve listened to.]



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