About the Author

I often remember the Ginny Owens song that starts with the line “No, I’m not who I was when I took my first breath…” It strikes a chord with me—I’m not even sure I’m the same person I was three years ago. But there are some things that remain the same, and they may help you understand some influences on my writing.

  • I was born in the late 80s.
  • I am married to an IT manager in a large company. Together we have a house, a dog, a daughter, and two babies lost to miscarriage. [See my post on TGC on learning to separate sin from godly grief after my first miscarriage.]
  • I love books and study. I am currently enrolled in an interdisciplinary liberal arts grad program at a Catholic university in St. Paul, Minnesota. I love reading theology, history, and fiction of most sorts: classics to contemporary, picture books to adult.
  • I have attended a reformed Baptist church for over a decade, and have spent most of my post-college years working in Christian higher education. Both of those contexts have done much to form me into the person I am.
  • I grew up in rural Montana until I was 14, when my family moved to rural Minnesota. I have been living in Minneapolis since 2006, and have come to love city life. I often wish for more space for animals and a garden, but it would be a big sacrifice to move.

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