About the Blog

The Name

The name “The Unhurried Chase”  comes from a poem written by Francis Thompson in the second half of the 19th century, and is the story of a person who spends his or her life chasing after the pleasures of this world and running away from the Hound of Heaven only to realize that the world’s pleasures are fleeting and faulty, and the Hound of Heaven is no monster but is the highest pleasure, and the redeemer of all things.

The poem reminds me of so many scenes in a favorite book of mine, The Horse and His Boy, by C.S. Lewis. The image of Christ as the lion pursuing Shasta, Aravis, Bree, and Hwin is one of my favorites from Narnia (and the whole of literature), and this poem takes me back to the pleasure of that metaphor, and reminds me that I too, have been pursued.

Taking the phrase a little out of context, another reason I chose the name is because life itself is nothing more than an unhurried chase, in some ways. There is a reason that we use the word “lifetime” to mean “a really, really long time.” Our pursuit of the end — for “growing up,” graduation, marriage, family, retirement, and ultimately Christ’s return — and the many average moments in life can make life seem painfully slow sometimes. And yet the chase is always real. One step at a time, one day, one second, we’re catching up to eternity with Christ as we live our ordinary lives.

And so, welcome to a blog full of some of the unhurried chases of life.

The Blog

My life is full. Home, grad school, church — these are the spaces I am called to live and move for this season. This blog will probably touch on each of these at various points. In this season I think I will be writing about what I’m learning — primarily through books, but also podcasts or homework. I love history, theology, classic fiction, and children’s literature. If you love these things, I think you may like what I write. Let me know if you do!

I’m a mom, so there will be occasional mentions of my daughter, and even our dog (Hank the Goldendoodle). I bake a lot, so I may share an occasional favorite episode of The Great British Baking Show recipe. I clean as little as possible, though, so if you’re looking for tips on organization or cleaning how-tos you’ve come to the wrong place. Ask your mom. Or mine.

I’m a Christian, so this blog may, at times, take on the flavor of a “Christian Living” blog. And while it will will be so in the literal sense, I do not intend for it to fall entirely into that genre. I’m not a teacher or a preacher. But God does teach me things sometimes, and I may share them with you.


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